At Peak Profit Trading we concentrate on building consistently profitable traders using our advanced technology ‘NeuroTrader’ through our mentorship program which is included with all Neurotrader purchases; and through our trading courses. More often than not we do this from scratch.

You can read more about NeuroTrader below – but we also recommend you join one of our Meetup groups and come along to our webinars. Alongside this we trade and manage our own privet Online Hedge-Funds using our technology to gain a competitive edge in the Forex markets. Recently we successfully formed our fist hedge-fund and our aim now is to rollout more Online Hedge-Funds recruiting talent from within our mentorship program. Our intention is to match the support and back office facilities of professional hedge funds throughout the financial trading industry and seek to attract large institutional backing.

We are also carrying out ongoing research into new trading products that will further advance our already leading trading edge.

Join us – with weekly webinars we make it easy for you to find out more about us and what we do.

Want to know more? Find out more about the NueroTrader


Come along to our live webinars – learn how our technology and mentorship program can turbocharge your trading through moving the trader into a peak state, monitoring their behaviour and regulating their trades accordingly. Less losses; more wins.


Catch up on our webinars in your own time - learn how we can improve your trading performance through advanced technology, bio-date feedback and artificial intelligence at your convenience. Put your feet up and have a stellar day.