At Peak Profit Trading we concentrate on building consistently profitable traders using our advanced technology ‘NeuroTrader’ through our mentorship program which is included with all Neurotrader purchases; and through our trading courses. More often than not we do this from scratch.
You can read more about NeuroTrader below – but we also recommend you join one of our Meetup groups and come along to our webinars. Alongside this we trade and manage our own privet Online Hedge-Funds using our technology to gain a competitive edge in the Forex markets. Recently we successfully formed our fist hedge-fund and our aim now is to rollout more Online Hedge-Funds recruiting talent from within our mentorship program. Our intention is to match the support and back office facilities of professional hedge funds throughout the financial trading industry and seek to attract large institutional backing. We are also carrying out ongoing research into new trading products that will further advance our already leading trading edge. Join us – with weekly webinars we make it easy for you to find out more about us and what we do..
We have a unique program to get you from beginner (or somewhere in-between) to consistently profitable.

We know above all else the markets (Forex, futures or indices) can be a stressful place for new traders and traders that are somewhere in mid-path towards consistently profitable, and that most of the setbacks a new trader faces are psychological in nature. For example, many new traders face long losing streaks, either on demo or live accounts – some even blow accounts. Such occurrences over time are enough to make traders quit and think that they are not cut from the right stuff.

This is simply not the case, you can change one or maybe two things and it can make enough difference to keep you on the path of continually improving toward success. This is the path of many new traders. Because of this we recognise the market’s power to erode a trader’s confidence to zero over time, so we developed NeuroTrader, a technology to help traders stay in the game like no other – to mitigate the risk you face day in and out and to thus maximise your consistency and profitability as a trader.


The future of financial market trading is firmly grounded in the advancement of wearable technology.

With the growing pressure to outperform the volatile markets, increased competition between institutions and the exhaustion of algorithmic and high frequency trading strategies, professional and retail traders are looking toward increasing their performance by using the science of psychophysiology.

Psychophysiology is a study of the biological responses that occur due to our psychological state. In other words, psychophysiology suggests that our actions are the results of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. By measuring our heart rate, breath rate, perspiration and other bodily responses we can accurately gauge the state of our thoughts, feelings and emotions thereby better understand our actions and hopefully stop us from doing something we will regret, such as enter a trade when we are angry or afraid.

NeuroTrader is a registered trade mark product of Pelican Technologies in Canada, who are the forefront of this technology and the only company in the world which has a commercial product for both retail and institutional clients. We are the UK licensed vendor for the NeuroTrader technology.

With this in mind, we are offering our very final retail trader Beta product.

The benefit of being a participant of the final beta testing program is that you receive the technology prior to commercial release at a significantly decreased price, that is at cost and more importantly, gain the advantage of head start in bio-data processing. Being a technology that harnesses AI, this is a valuable edge since accurate predictions in trader behaviour require accumulated data. In short, you will be ahead of the game.

Final Beta Tester Program

As a final beta tester, you will:


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