NeuroTrader was developed to facilitate and enhance what we call a “peak performing state” in the trader whilst he/she is trading. By monitoring the trader’s biology using wearable technology we can assist the trader to take trades only when they are in an optimal state of performance/when they are “in the zone”.


Why you need an unparalleled competitive edge in today’s financial markets

New traders and the public generally think the financial markets – from stocks to Forex – are a place to make money or even get rich quick. Actually this is not the case for most new comers. Think about this for a moment because there is no magic ATM in the markets (or anywhere else in life). Today anyone with a few hundred pounds upwards (or dollars) can easily get involved by opening a brokerage account and starting to trade it. Even if you have no money at all you can open a demo account and start to trade as if it were real.

The pertinent question here is, why is this the case? A decade or two ago you could not do that; you would have to buy an expensive charting package and pay monthly installments to buy financial data. No new trader today does that, they just go to a broker and get all that value for free. In short the bar to entry has been lowered to virtually nothing, and if you want to make money you better start thinking “why is that?”

The answer is that by design, the markets exist to take wealth from retail traders and distribute it to the market makers and professional funds. They have the technological advantage, they influence government policy, the odds are simply stacked in their favour; as they say “the house always wins.” This is true today and has been the case for a very long time – otherwise why lower the bar to entry?

It makes no other sense, as businesses did well from their expensive charting software and data feeds – these days you get that all for free from your broker and it is not a gesture of generosity or kindness as they make more money on commissions and the “B” book than ever before in history.

So, how do you as a retail trader make money from today’s financial markets?

The broker gives you just enough to make you feel like you may succeed – your optimism and naivety does the rest. If you have been trading for some time you know this is true, and if not, in time you will.

The majority of traders go through the same learning curve. The first stage is optimism; you believe trading is easy and that in a short period of time you will transfer the potential the market represents into hard currency. During this stage you may even experience a string of successful trades, commonly referred to as “beginners luck”. Then comes stage two; the testing of resolve and commitment.

This is the stage where the first couple of losing trades begin to hit your confidence, your self-doubt increases and your losing streak accelerates to the point where you are afraid to enter into the markets and when you enter you are afraid to stay exposed to the markets too long, therefore you take profits far too early, keep your loses far too long, in the hope that they will turn good and you find that you give up on winning positions too early to see them come good once you have exited them. This is when reality sets in. Some chose to quit others chose to continue to dabble in the markets and the very few take on a new approach, one that is focused on hard work, discipline and commitment.

However, even trading a demo account is still emotionally draining, so even at this basic stage emotion management has to be addressed otherwise at some point you will most likely give up or worse still you may decide you would do better with real money as it would sharpen your wits and make you extra careful. Here you will in all likelihood just be completely wrong and face the despair that follows when your trading account dwindles to a few pounds/dollars and you cannot afford the margin on a micro lot.

Your trading capital is almost proportional to your emotional state for the most part, the more frustrated and fearful you feel when you trade the faster your capital will move from your account to the account of a more consistent and stable trader – this is why you should not trade live until you can at the very least consistently be profitable in a demo account. That is the stage one requirement and the smart trader does not entertain trading live until he or she can demonstrate a profitable track record in the demo environment.

Trading is a very difficult profession. For most it is an emotional roller coaster ride every step of the way. Eventually the majority of traders are so lost in emotional trauma they quit with a history of losses that amount to big numbers.

If you are to be among the small percentage that succeed in becoming consistently profitable then you need first and foremost to keep your emotions in check and regulate your trades accordingly; your actual trading system (or method) is secondary. This is where the majority of retail traders go wrong – they concentrate on their system or method in the belief that this will lead them to victory without addressing the emotional aspect which is in fact the most important component of any successful trading system.

NeuroEdge is a four-channel wireless medical grade biological data acquisition device. Capturing data at 300 Hz per second per channel; making it the most accurate wearable device on the market.

It measures the trader’s heart rate, peripheral temperature and skin conductance. From these fixed biomarkers, we develop an individual peak performance profile for each trader and fund manager.

Our NeuroXchange software platform is an order matching, price matching global securities exchange. Built upon Microsoft SQL Enterprise framework, it can connect to a vast variety of global exchanges and liquidity providers and process a continual stream of smart order routed instructions from our clients and traders.

The point of differentiation between NeuroXchange and other global securities exchanges is that we have the capacity to mitigate market orders using the psycho-physiological responses of our clients thereby minimising their downside risk induced during periods of stress and increase their upside potential through our proprietary peak performance algorithms.

NeurAlgΩ is our proprietary artificial intelligence module. It is essentially a library of advanced relational algorithms. It is the cornerstone of our technology and a key differentiator and value driver for our clients.

When enough bio-data has been collected and processed, NeurAlgΩ can accurately recognise our behavioural patterns and thus predict whether the trades being placed are potential losses or profits.


Even the upside of a good (or profitable) trader can be improved upon when emotions are managed constructively and effectively. With new traders this is the key component to keeping them in the game and progressing them to becoming consistently profitable. None of this is fanciable or magic – it is simply behavioural science applied to the application of trading and actually has a strong resemblance to the technology NASA and other space authorities have been using for decades to ensure successful missions.

Thus, such authorities will not hand over a multimillion dollar craft (or a billion dollar mission) to an unregulated pilot. This logic follows through to other applications – in our case, it makes no sense whatsoever to hand over a trading fund or account to an unregulated trader as your mission is to grow it and not see it diminish to nothing. Our technology is the competitive edge you have been searching for and waiting for, so don’t waste any more time and money.

Please note: NeuroTrader is a registered trademark of Pelican Technologies in Canada; and has nothing to do with Intellix, cryptocurrencies or binary options. Others have tried to rip us off, but none have succeeded in recreating our brilliance.

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